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Search Engine Marketing or PPC (Pay per Click Marketing) is a way to rank higher in the search engine within minutes. It helps you to get featured on the partner website as well. Search Engine Marketing is a way to allow the SEO strategies flow and give organic results. Search Engine Marketing or PPC is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many times companies promise your return on investment through PPC campaigns but fail to deliver results. But, Zera Creative Agency is one such trusted Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing Company that has a testimony of proven results. Our PPC strategy consists of effectively choosing the most relevant keywords and conducting a complete analysis by using tools such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Bing.

Search Engine Marketing is not Just About Manifesting Your Standpoints but Finding the Suitable Audience for it

Let Your Idea Flow with Our Strategies. We provide results such that cost per click remains low and conversion rate remains high. We create strategies so that most relevant keywords that can truly bring you maximum traffic are chosen so that you may maximize your profits.

Keyword Alignment

We put in the use of relevant keywords within the right alignment. We set in the keywords with the right approach and bring out much more than expected.

We Keep You Informed

First, we track and then we report! We put in the correct approach to take a leap amidst the heavy competition to keep you on the top.

Focus On the Search Experience

The keywords decide the possibilities of the right audience falling in your way. With this, we strive to build a better search experience for the users.

Promotion Across the Channel

We make sure that you get exponential reach of your idea and message. We ensure that you get your message hooked to your marketing channels.

Grasp In the Needs Before Initiating

We keep a zealous outlook towards the necessary requisites and plan a layout before initiating the whole advertising process.

PPC Management Services

Best Search Engine Marketing Company

Pay Per Click is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many times companies promise your return on investment through PPC campaigns but fail to deliver results but Zera Creative won't let you down.

Google Advertising

Google Adwords is a PPC platform for businesses which want to manifest their ads on Google’s advertising network. This service is majorly focused on keyword research.

Bing Advertising

Bing Ads (or Microsoft Ads) is a PPC advertisement platform for advertising on Bing search engine and partner networks. You can track data using Bing analytics tool.


Google AdWords Remarketing is a type of advertising that allows the websites to bring the targeted ads in front of users, who have already visited the websites.

Facebook Ads

Social media site Facebook holds the maximum number of active users and has become the top and highly competitive social media campaigning base.

PPC Audits

PPC audit is an irreplaceable factor of paid campaigning. PPC audit is the most proven way to find areas where performance can be further enhanced.

Shopping Ads Management

Ads Management: Shopping ads segregates the display of individual products in the search outcomes thereby increasing conversions.

With the effective PPC management expertise, we are the top PPC Search Engine Marketing Company

We Glue To the Excitement As Well As To The Mundane!

Enhanced Visibility

We try to reach the visibility milestone to enhance engagement within much lesser time.

A Track of the Conversion Rates

With the plentiful of measurable data, tracking conversion is all our responsibility and task.

Prompt Result Providers

We strive to extract the best results on the related keywords, taking the benefits of an extensive Google search network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Marketing or PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising is the specific type of marketing which is used to drive traffic to the websites. It is as if certain keywords are searched, your ad will appear. The searchers may click to your website or click on that advertisement. In both ways, you will be known but you have to pay only when your ad is clicked.

Why we need PPC services?

PPC services must be the part of your business because there are many pretty reasons to go for PPC services. It is faster than Search Engine Optimization and gives higher ROI. It is helpful in promoting your business and generates sales.

Where do ads appear? What kinds of sites are used to do PPC advertising?

Ads appear at the top of the search engine results and sometimes right side of the list. It depends on the search engine for example in Google ads appear at the top and bottom whereas in there will be the ads in top four categories and images in right side along with small clickable text are PPC advertising.

Search engines are used to post PPC ads.,, and Bing are the popular and most used search engines to do PPC advertising.

How do you find the keywords to optimize in an ad?

We have a team of digital marketing experts who used to perform their practices like competitor analysis and find out what keywords must be targeted. There are various tools available for that too like Google Keyword Planner, Keyword tool etc.

How much I have to pay if someone clicks on my ad?

You have to pay the bid price set with the specific search performed and clicked. Typically a cost is established by bidding (the cost per click bid) and daily budget amount. This bid can vary within a substantial range. All these aspects will be decided after listening to the client completely. You will never have to pay more than your daily budget.

How long do you take to launch a PPC campaign?

It depends on the documentation. As soon as we get the documentation, we can begin keyword analysis and launch the campaign within 2-3 weeks. We believe in the transparency and offer you same in our services.


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Client Testimonials

Owais Tahir

Owais Tahir

Managing Partner, Regalien Gold Marquee

Very professional in their work. Noushad and his team were very responsive to my ideas and focused towards creating a product that met my expectations and vision. I would highly recommend their services.

Muhammad Junaid Vohra

Muhammad Junaid Vohra

CEO, Essential Element Leather

I am very impressed with the core knowledge and dedication of the team head Noushad Ranani. Team Zera Creative is simply the best solution provider for a beginner in the digital world as well as totally professional for those who already have digital footprints.

Kasandrea S.

Kasandrea S.

CEO, MyAdvisorSays

I needed a piece completed asap and you guys came thru in a big way. Incredibly fast turnaround time and the design was perfect. I had the final design within hours & was able to meet my deadline with time to spare. Have used for multiple projects and each one has been perfect. Great communication and kept me posted every step of the way. If you are on the fence about hiring an agency for your design project, go with these guys. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Diego Romero

Diego Romero

Personal Trainer

Zera Creative is the best agency that I have worked with, it’s fast, it’s accurate, great service, they treat you like a valued customer, not another one. I have been working with many agencies and all of them give you just what you asked and with SAS they give you more than you expected with an extremely fair price. Really happy with my website and with the treatment and service that I received. Don’t hesitate, this agency will get your idea into reality.

 Bridget Osho

Bridget Osho

Founder & Director, Cherie Mamma Org

Zera Creative did a fantastic job on my website. Very patient, courteous until I was satisfied with the end product. I can’t recommend them enough. I will continue to use them for all related work.


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