Are you looking for a one-window fit all approach for your education and training-based program needs? If you are a school, online educator, curriculum provider, or just a website intended to make learning accessible for all, the Learning Management System (LMS) might be a term you would have found being thrown loosely around you. Well, if you are working in any of the areas we have mentioned, it is pertinent for you to be aware of LMS. Because this is the place where the actual fun happens.

What is Learning Management System (LMS)?

LMS system is basically a software web application that ensures the delivery of your educational course, program, or training related content while simultaneously allowing you to handle documentation, registration, application, automation, reporting, and delivery of the same. It is your E-learning summarized and compacted into one portal. It can handle all types of content from text-based learning to PDFs, E-books, documents, and video courses.

LMS System offers a variety of functionality other than just imparting education. You can have discussion boards, chat corners, meeting notes, and syllabus boards to have all information for the users in one place. From overview to delivery, with LMS no area of learning is left uncovered.

It doesn’t matter if you are a corporate organization or a staunch education institute, the need for LMS is mandatory in this digital age. If you want to impart knowledge with ease and without letting the attendees suffer from the never-ending trauma of navigating through one tool after another, a custom LMS is what you need. With these systems, you can identify the learning gaps, get access to the study data of all the learners, and tweak the programs based on the core facts you get.

How it Works

Zera LMS collaborates 2 user types primarily which are Admin and Students, if you are the sole instructor of your course portal. If you allow public instructors, then it becomes 3.


Student Workflow

  • Create account and browse courses
  • Save favourite courses to wishlist
  • Add courses to cart and purchase
  • Start learning from my courses page
  • Messaging with course instructor

Instructor Workflow

  • Create courses from instructor panel
  • Admin approves pending courses for sale
  • Students purchase course and money deposited to site admin
  • Admin pays course price commission to instructor

Admin Workflow

  • Install academy lms in own server
  • Setup the portal with all settings
  • Create courses, sell, and make money
  • Requires no approval or commission
  • Allow instructors to sell courses


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