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Sportee is USA’s upcoming, new age, fitness brand. It is built on the premise that their customer should always be able to make a purchase without having to go through several loops of data entry or checkout. A smart app that has everything for a sports lover all under one roof was the idea behind Sportee’s app.

  • Client: Jimmy Rohn.
  • Date: 2018-04-20
  • Services: UI/UX Design, Mobile App
Mobile App Design & Development in Karachi Pakistan

Mobile App Strategy & Design

We were tasked with coming up with a hybrid design that caters to the new age consumer and millennials but covers today’s mobile-centric thought process as well.

Mobile App Design & Development in Karachi Pakistan


Our client, Sportee, came to us with the ideology of building an app design that was classy, modern and edgy. Our initial research suggested that the key reasons why people stop using apps or delete them include difficulty in the UI, too many features cramped together, and too many data or checkout loops. We decided to create a visually appealing and stunning UI/UX that would help the Sportee consumers to forget about struggles of mundane shopping or difficult and complex UI. Our design focused primarily on building the brand’s image through creative use of its brand feel and colors.

Mobile App Design & Development in Karachi Pakistan


We did extensive research on the kind of user experience people prefer, in similar apps and on websites that are designed to be mobile-centric. We evaluated the pain areas a user would face when using an app, especially which includes online buying or browsing through several products. We concluded that countless people struggle with finding the right product in the right size, color, and material.

Sportee was, therefore, designed as a hybrid app that would cover not just the pain areas of the consumer, but also make the consumer’s experience seamless, simple and easy. We used our research to design the app for Sportee that would bring a seamless transition experience from product to cart to checkout for the mobile savvy consumer.

Mobile App Design & Development in Karachi Pakistan


We also took into account that ecommerce apps require a user experience, where the customer finds it extremely easy and seamless to purchase a product from the app. Taking that perspective, we designed a user cart and purchase experience around the brand’s premium feel. The cart, the browse pages and the product pages were designed to keep the brand’s ideology of simplicity and premium feel in place.

Mobile App Design & Development in Karachi Pakistan

The Result

We have created an app that don’t only let the users shop hassle free but also gives them a chance to connect with each other on many levels. Sportee gives the user comfort of shopping from their home, reducing their commute and hassle to go shop to shop in hunt of their favorite products. But it also gives the user a new-age app designed to give a seamless, easy and perfect user experience.

Mobile App Design & Development in Karachi Pakistan
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