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Food Photography for The F' Word Karachi

Tired of looking around for healthy food options? Can’t seem to find an eatery that meets your healthy food requirements? Well, The F’ Word has a delicious solution for you. They have delectable desserts, Whey Ice Cream, and Protein Shakes – all of which would make you go insane! So head over to The F’ Word and let them serve you the healthy way The F' Word - 1f609 - Zera Creative

  • Client: The F’ Word – Karachi.
  • Date: 2018-09-20
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Services: Food Styling, Food Photography
  • Photographers: Areeb Ali & Amir
The F' Word - food3 - Zera Creative

Introducing – The F’ Word

In here, everything is super delicious and SUPER HEALTHY! All items are made exclusively for people who like to eat healthily and are very concerned about the number of calories and macros they intake. You can make your own salads by picking and choosing whichever fruit, vegetable or meat you want. You’d only be charged according to the grams that you put in your meal. 🙂 

The F' Word - icecream2 - Zera Creative
Atkins bar keto brownie keto milk shake - The F Word


The F' Word - food4 - Zera Creative
The F' Word - food1 - Zera Creative
The F' Word - salad2 - Zera Creative
The F' Word - salad1 - Zera Creative

Our mission is to create, capture, and curate the story behind your joy through our lens.  🙂

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