Nowadays everybody is hung up on the idea of searching for any query on Google.

They’re not doing it out of fad or out of modern societal standards; they’re doing it because they’re literally getting foregone solutions to their queries just in a few clicks.

What better era could we live in?

This gives an opportunity to companies like you to optimize their online business to meet the searches’ needs, and increase the chance to add big bucks to their bottom line.

Which you can also do by optimizing your website for search engines, and by creating worthwhile content for your target audience – more about this in a minute…

This post is all about understanding why to consider SEO as the imperative element to do online business. And how it is arguably the best strategy to gain inbound leads and build authority over time.

After you’re done with the post, you’ll realize the importance of SEO for long-term success. But before we pronounce SEO’s importance for online business, let us come clean about the fact that;

SEO is a long-term strategy that gives huge gains after a few months to a year — if you’re on the lookout for quick overnight gains, well you gotta look for paid ads or some other strategies.

Having said that, let’s explore the 7 reasons why SEO is necessary for your online business;

  1. Positioning Through Visibility
  2. Web Traffic Without Banking On Ads
  3. Improves Trustworthiness
  4. Sell To Customers Using Targeted Keywords
  5. Better User Experience UI
  6. Market Knowledge
  7. Long-Term Strategy That Pays Dividends

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1. Positioning Through Visibility

Business is all about positioning.

If you’re one up in a position to your target audience, you can mint far more dollars and authority over them. Whereas, if you reach them out, you hand over that positioning prowess to them.

We know it’s a bit of a “wrapping head around” concept, but hold tight we will walk you through it… Positioning in terms of SEO means is, when we create content based on customers’ problems, we position ourselves as those who will help them out.

Those who’re solving problems while asking nothing for it at first. This gives you a massive positioning edge, and if you continuously produce content that steers them to your solution.

Voila! You have a secret to their heart and their sacred money… But, hey! This isn’t that easier than you might think.

To really get benefit from a position through SEO, you MUST gain top Google places for most keywords that journey your customers to your offer.

As 71.33% clicks happen on the first page of Google for any search term.

If you don’t know how to secure top places, you can reach us and we’re happy to assist.

2. Web Traffic Without Banking On Ads

As we all know that paid ads can take a toll on your budget and squeeze it out, if the targeting wasn’t on point, or the message wasn’t as effective.

There are other crucial tricks of the trades that also need to be considered for running paid campaigns. Relying totally on them is a Nah! Nah! strategy.

And as we touched on earlier, reaching them out by targeting them instead of them reaching you out is a low-position, low-status strategy…
Point is, to generate a stable business where customers could come and knock on your door while you sleep day in and day out — SEO would be your best bet.

No! We aren’t against paid marketing…

In fact, we are huge proponents of that. But what you need to understand is, Paid ads can help you acquire leads in days, though you can’t always bank on Paid ads due to certain complications and always the risk of losing money.

Plus, here you’re reaching them out, — remember positioning?

3. Improves Trustworthiness

Where their money is involved, there is some sure doubt. Doubt could be related to anything…

Optimizing your content is a wonderful way to subdue any doubts. Let’s understand this concept with a scenario, when your customers want to do business with you, especially if big bucks are involved, they would definitely run a Google search.

To see what you’re up to… This is something you might have done as well… Haven’t you?

When you optimize your website or online business for search engines, your customers will deem you worthy as a lot would pop up when they search.

Also, when they go through the content you’ve created, it further plants a seed in their heads of trustworthiness.

Which would give you a massive positioning edge… Not only will your customers shoot to work with you, but also they’d be willing to pay you the premium.

4. Can Sell To Customers Using Targeted Keywords

Did you know 87% of shoppers find products through online search?

Not 10, 20, or 50… It’s 87%! What it illustrates is if businesses don’t optimize their websites for search engines, they leave an enormous sum of money on the table. What about those who optimize? Well, they’re having a ball… Simple as that.

Here’s your opportunity to craft content around keywords that your audience is searching for so you can nudge your target audience towards a solution. (Whisper* your solution). We can’t emphasize enough on this. Again it boils down to positioning. (Ugh, yet again…)

The more you show up for keywords your target audience is searching for, the better positioning you’ll have that you can leverage to sell them. You can search out what keywords your target market is mostly searching for and create content around it. Isn’t it awesome? BTW, winning top search engine places in the neck-to-neck online competition is a ferocious task that requires a heck load of work and an understanding of certain strategies.

If you stuck to this, who would focus on scaling the business? Amidst of all this, you can reach us out and we’ll help you rank your website higher in google search.

5. SEO for Better User Experience UI

A website that follows good SEO practices always gives off a better user experience. Let us explain this to you, people consider those two aspects separate, however, they are as interlinked as online business and internet connection.

Without an internet connection, online business is nothing but a mere dream and vice versa. Same as, aesthetics and clear navigations are important both for user experience to flip pages and pace around without much problem and for SEO… Without optimizing website aesthetics and ensuring sleek navigations Google will deduct SEO points. Since navigation tells Google what the content is about, and in which category it lies.

7 Reasons Why SEO is necessary for Your Online Business - 58da17cf - Zera Creative

And aesthetics make it easy for users to stay around for long. The point being SEO and UI go hand in hand. Let’s understand this with another example, take page speed and Mobile friendliness for the matter of discussion… Page speed and mobile friendliness are two important aspects of user experience.

Without a responsive and fast site, a website would always repel users. Since it repels users, it’s bad for SEO. And because of these two reasons Google deems content unworthy and relegates it below competitors. The point is for a good website it must have proper integration of SEO and UI.

6. Market Knowledge

SEO helps understand what’s working in the industry. The more you bank on SEO, the more you remain on top of the trends. What it means, to stay competitive in your industry on Google SERPs, you must know what are the latest updates in your industry.

Upon knowing, create content around the hot topics. Because if you don’t your competitors will. And that’s not a good place to be in. Right?

Staying up to date with the trends has two benefits:,

A: You can turn a lot of visitors to your website by leveraging the power of currently in-demand or top-of-the-head topics that your target audience is searching for.
B: Based on what’s currently working, you can predict the forthcoming trends and make your strategy regarding it beforehand.

This is the easiest way to hack your way to profits.

7. Long-Term Strategy That Pays Dividends

We said it before, and we are saying it again. SEO is not flipping your fingers to get clients’ strategy… It’s a long arduous strategy that initially won’t add much to your bottom line, but 6 months later, or a year later you’d witness some changes.

More inbound leads are coming to fill out the form to work with you or buy your product. Provided that your website is properly optimized on the latest Google guidelines. If it’s, congratulations, you’re about to take off and make huge leaps in your business.

Wrap Up

This post enlightens you about the effectiveness of SEO for online businesses. For businesses that intend to flourish and generate organic and inbound leads while they sleep, then there’s no better strategy than doing proper SEO of your website.

Keep in mind that it takes time to pick up the momentum and win Google’s trust. Are you ready to run a marathon?

Anyway, if you are unsure of the process, — don’t — just don’t, we’ll take care of it. If you head to us, we ensure we do proper SEO of your website that beats competitors over time and win you organic leads.

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