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It isn’t always businesses, especially small ones and startups, to have a dedicated resource to look after the technical aspects and operations. If you want your website to be updated frequently without you having to waste hours or to hire a dedicated resource that does this for you, you have to look no further. We provide continuous website technical support services to ensure that your web presence is not only up and running at all times, but you have no issues handling it as well. When we say we are the only people you should be watching out for, we mean it.

A website which is not fresh and regularly updated will look like a messy deserted house. You can’t attract users with such a website. You must need website support services on daily basis to win your clients.

Content revision, security, and user experience are some of the major areas that impact your overall website presence. Therefore, the company you deal with must stay up-to-date on the latest technology, use the most productive method and offer excellent customer service.

The website’s maintenance is as vital as the website design and development stage itself. The website needs regular checkups and adjustments in order to enhance the technical functions and also to update the systems, applications, and software as per modern web trends. As some people do not consider website maintenance a major need, it is best that you stick to a regular maintenance plan. This is because if you push maintenance to a later date, it may be too cumbersome and costly. In other words, a small negligence to maintenance could cost you a lot more in terms of site traffic and profits due to an incompatible system and outdated Information.

Websites are the first place your customers look at you. If it isn’t a pleasant appearance, they might not involve you further. Therefore, never compromise on your web outlook, because a pretty website is way more than that and can take you a long way. You know which door to knock if a good website
is what you want right now.

Zera Creative’s Website Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Testing, Debugging and Overall Website Maintenance
  • Manipulation and Addition of Plugins
  • Security Measures
  • Addition and Modification of Content
  • Database Maintenance and Purging
  • Monitoring and Real-time Management of the Website
  • Monthly Automated and Manual Backups
  • Management of Clients’ Data
  • Documenting Necessary Reports

Our Website Support Services Also Includes:

  • Technical Help Desk Support
  • Website Design Update [limited to the certain extent]
  • SEO Consulting
  • Source Code Review and Maintenance
  • 24×7 Support in case of Service Down
  • Ensuring hassle free operation of your website
  • Optimizing performance of the website and minimising server usage
  • Improve User-friendliness
  • Seamless Communication

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

As you know, we are one of the top website maintenance company and by now, you are probably asking yourself, “So, how much is the website maintenance cost for my website? What should I expect to pay every month?”. The answer is simple i.e. that really depends on what type of website you are running. Here’s a rough estimate of typical maintenance costs for different website categories:

  • Hobby website ($3-$10/month) — In this case, domain and a hosting plan are probably the only costs you’ll have to calculate since you’ll be doing everything else yourself.
  • Personal website or blog ($30-$50/month) — Maintenance costs here are most likely very similar to a hobby website. When using website builders like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or Webflow, their monthly fees are similar.
  • Business website ($100-$150/month) — Common cost factors in this category are domain, hosting, graphics, email marketing fixes, and technical maintenance. Depending on your needs and the size of your business, you’ll find yourself in the upper or lower range of it.
  • E-commerce Site/Online Store ($150-$200/month) — Here’s what you will most likely pay for with this type of site: Domain, hosting, email server, graphics, email marketing, technical support, security, tracking, and analytics. Exact needs and costs depend on your store’s size but you know the price range now.
  • Enterprise-level website ($500-$700+/month) — Websites of this caliber are the most expensive to maintain every month. You need top-notch features and architecture along with the full-time experts, which come at a price.
Website Maintenance Services

What some of our satisfied customers are saying

Client Testimonials

Owais Tahir

Owais Tahir

Managing Partner, Regalien Gold Marquee

Very professional in their work. Noushad and his team were very responsive to my ideas and focused towards creating a product that met my expectations and vision. I would highly recommend their services.

Muhammad Junaid Vohra

Muhammad Junaid Vohra

CEO, Essential Element Leather

I am very impressed with the core knowledge and dedication of the team head Noushad Ranani. Team Zera Creative is simply the best solution provider for a beginner in the digital world as well as totally professional for those who already have digital footprints.

Kasandrea S.

Kasandrea S.

CEO, MyAdvisorSays

I needed a piece completed asap and you guys came thru in a big way. Incredibly fast turnaround time and the design was perfect. I had the final design within hours & was able to meet my deadline with time to spare. Have used for multiple projects and each one has been perfect. Great communication and kept me posted every step of the way. If you are on the fence about hiring an agency for your design project, go with these guys. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Diego Romero

Diego Romero

Personal Trainer

Zera Creative is the best agency that I have worked with, it’s fast, it’s accurate, great service, they treat you like a valued customer, not another one. I have been working with many agencies and all of them give you just what you asked and with SAS they give you more than you expected with an extremely fair price. Really happy with my website and with the treatment and service that I received. Don’t hesitate, this agency will get your idea into reality.

 Bridget Osho

Bridget Osho

Founder & Director, Cherie Mamma Org

Zera Creative did a fantastic job on my website. Very patient, courteous until I was satisfied with the end product. I can’t recommend them enough. I will continue to use them for all related work.

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